Guided Hydrotherapy Tour

Enjoy a hydrotherapy tour of a somewhat different kind, during which you will learn interesting and useful things about the therapeutic effects of water.

Kneipp’s concept is a therapeutic approach based on five elements: physical activity, nutrition, medicinal plants, healthy life-style and water. As a complement to modern medicine, it helps prevent diseases and relieve numerous physical disorders and has prophylactic effects by strengthening the immune system. During the walk, the five elements are explained. Focus is however given to water, with the tour ending at the hydrotherapy facility. The participants are shown gentle and simple applications and the proper methods.

Duration: about 2 hours 

Cost:  € 9,50 it includes a tasty snack

Date: 2018-09-13

Time: 6 pm

Starting point: “Tretenhof” car park at the edge of the leisure park 

For your booking please contact Mrs Sabine Glatz  




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