Guided Wild Herb Tour

Discover the therapeutic effects of wild herbs. Join us for a walk to the meadow of “Haagseppenhof” farm, during which you will learn a lot of interesting things about the health benefits and the culinary uses of our indigenous wild herbs.

Replenish your energy while listening, sniffing, tasting and savouring nature. The herbs are used for therapeutic purposes and to relieve diseases as well as for infusions and salads or simply as seasoning.

Mrs Elisabeth Himmelsbach, a farmer’s wife and herb expert will show and explain to you on her own prairie how to recognise and harvest the herbal plants and how to use them in the kitchen and for traditional therapies of folk medicine. Afterwards you may indulge yourself with lots of dishes and drinks made from organic ingredients. 

Duration: about 2 hours

Cost: Adults € 10.00 it includes a tasty snack with wild herbes

Dates: 2018-04-26, 2018-06-14

Time. 6 pm

Meeting point: Haagseppenhof, Seelbach-Schönberg

For your booking, please contact Mrs Elisabeth Himmelsbach, Alte Landstraße 1, Seelbach-Schönberg  

Telephone: 0049(0)7823/1898 

Email: info@haagseppenhof.de


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