Quality Hiking Trail

The Quality Hiking trail in Geroldseck is 35.5 km long and is a special project sponsored by the Black Forest Natural Park (Middle & North). It was certified according to the criteria of the German Hiking Association.   The most comfortable way to hike it is in two segments of approximately 20 km each. Each segment leads from the valleys of Lahr- Reichenbach, Seelbach or Wittelbach to the heights of the Black Forest. The ruins of two castles with beautiful views as well as two historical blacksmiths can be found along the trail and it leads through the natural preserve "National Natural Heritage" to the Langenhard Mountain.

Trail data:
Difficulty: intermediate
Distance: 35.5 km
Duration: 13:00 h
Total ascent: 1.535 m
Total descent: 1.535 m                        
Lowest point: 188 m
Highest point: 518 m

Find all the details, a map, and a 3-D flight over the path hier

Weg zur Hohengeroldseck
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