Lützelhardt Castle ruins

The Lützelhardt Mountain (461 m) is an ancient refuge, crowned with a castle and cloaked with legends and history. The Lützelhardt Castle ruins on Seelbach’s mountain of the same name are the oldest monument in Seelbach.   Lützelhardt means “little forest” in Old High German.

The castle probably served to fulfill a special function as one of the cornerstones of the Burgundy triangle, Ortenberg – Lahr - Lützelhardt, which secured the Kinzig Valley’s important connection to Villingen in the Lake Constance area as well as the Rhine area in the east. The castle was most likely destroyed in 1235.

The ruins were excavated from 1926 to 1929 by Karl Hammel. They point to three different building epochs and show the transitional forms from the Romanesque period to the early Gothic.

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