The Nature Trail

The Nature Trail begins at the hiker’s parking lot in the Litschen Valley – one of Seelbach’s neighboring Valleys. The trail, which is suitable for strollers, leads partly over a footbridge through the reeds – and ends 1.5 km later at the weaponry in Geroldseck.

The extra program is especially attractive for families with children: Quirin the knight is hiking from the Hohengeroldseck to the Litschen Valley with his grandchildren, Kunigunde and Sigurd, and answers their questions about the local flora and fauna. Eleven display boards explain the birds, reeds, deadwood, insects, types of wood, water, flowers, the “Lothar” storm and fruit in a way that is enjoyable for children.

The Forest Discovery Trail


The Forest Discovery Trail begins at the "Tretenbach" parking lot. The first sign informs visitors about the indigenous trees and mushrooms.

A total of 13 display boards along the 1km long trail tell you all about the indigenous trees and wild fruits of the forest that can be found here and also what they are used for.
Species described include: Weymouth pine, silver fir, larch, birch, cuckoo clover, sycamore, alder, ash, red elderberry, raspberry, pine, spruce.

Energy Trail


The Energy Trail in Seelbach is a hiking trail along the Schutter River with 12 informative sign boards on the topic of energy. It begins at the Ludwig-Auerbachstein in Seelbach and leads to Wittelbach.

Every station explains a different topic regarding rational energy use or informs about future-oriented energy technologies, placing an emphasis on regenerative energy sources such as photovoltaic, biomass utilization, wind energy and more.


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