Hohengeroldseck Castle ruins

The impressive ruins of the Hohengeroldseck Castle are in the center of the region. The “Geroldseck Land” stretches from Ettenheim in the south and Offenburg in the north, from the Kinzig Valley in the east all the way to the Rhine River in the west. It carries the name of the Herren von Geroldseck, who had their seat here from the 11 th to the 17 th century. Their territory originally stretched from Alsace in the west to Swabia in the east.

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The Verein zur Erhaltung der Burgruine Hohengeroldseck e.V. (Association for the maintenance of the Hohengeroldseck Castle ruins) cares for the maintenance of the castle. Extensive renovations are necessary on a continuous basis. You can Mitgliedschaft im Burgverein of the association at any time.

Burgruine Hohengeroldseck - Offizielles Video


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