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Geocaching – A treasure hunt with GPS

This modern form of treasure hunt is free of charge in Seelbach. Various tours are available, all of which are suitable for families and especially children.

Experience the legend of the Grüselhorn, as it happened long ago, on the Schatz der Lützelhardter or solve  Geheimnis des Geheimrats, which cheated many citizens of Seelbach out of their savings, or look for the multi-cache Mein Schulweg. The tour Wahr oder nichtwahr - ein sagenhafter Ortsrundgang provides you with a glimpse into the mystic legends and stories surrounding Seelbach.

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If you want to look for hidden treasures without a GPS-Device, search for the Schatz der Heilika

You can get a GPS device and treasure maps at the Culture and Tourist Information Office free of charge.


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Culture and Tourist Information Office

Hauptstr. 7
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Naturpark Schwarzwald

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